Annually our scholarship fund helps players across all sites. For fall 2023, we’re running a Mum Fundraiser with Bartsch Gardens (Steel City family)!

All proceeds go directly to the scholarship fund!

9″ Mums, Decorative Straw Bales, and Mini Pumpkins.

Orders need to be mailed by Sept 5th, 2023

  • Keep this form to know who all you sold to!
  • Turn this form in so we know just the quantities you need of each item!
  • Checks or cash are due with order. Checks payable to “Steel City FC”

Pick Up Date: September 24th or 25th

Location: Russellton, North Huntingdon, Butler

Time: TBD/assigned following collection of all orders

Full info to submit orders can be found on the form! Any questions or concerns, please contact Kathleen Rankin @ 724.448.0866.