Welcome to our East Academy Site.

Led by Dan McCarty, our East Academy Site is based in the Eastern region of Pittsburgh, including Greensburg and North Huntingdon.

The Site offers training and team opportunities to players from five years old through adults. Our club's First Teams, who compete in the NPSL (Men) and UWS (Women), play their summer seasons at Founders Field.


Dan McCarty

Site Director

Our development pathway uses a Phase Model from youth to adult.

This means that throughout a player's time with our club, they will be receiving carefully tailored curriculum from a variety of coaches. At each age, players will be working closely with staff who are specialized at training players in their age range.



  • Foundation Phase 1 (FP1) competes primarily in the Pittsburgh Players Coaches Refs Development Program (PPCR) - a regional development league competing in 5v5 and 7v7 matches in the fall and spring.
  • In the winter they train primarily indoors (futsal).
  • U10s will have 1 additional tournament in fall or spring.


  • Foundation Phase 2 competes in PAWest leagues in the fall and spring season.
  • In the winter they train primarily indoors (futsal).
  • Throughout the year they will train in a regional session with each site across the club.
  • U11 and U12 compete in 1 tournament in the fall and 1 in the spring season.
  • U12 Blue Team will compete in PA West President's Cup (fall) or State Cup (spring).


  • Training and competition from mid-August through June.
  • In addition to local site teams, players will compete to earn regional opportunities.
  • All site teams play PAWest or GLA and compete in 2 tournaments (1 fall, 1 spring).
  • Regional teams made up from players from all Steel City sites compete in E64, MDL, or GLC/GLA. Additional fee if selected.
  • Regional teams will compete in State Cup & Presidents Cup.

Fall (August-October)

  • 2x per week site training.
    6 sessions Steel City Regional Training.
  • 6-8 league games.

Winter 1 (November-December)

  • 2x per week site training.

Winter 2 (January-February)

  • 1x per week site training.
  • 5v5 Regional Games League.

Spring (March-June)

  • 2x per week site training.
  • 6 sessions Steel City Regional Training.
  • 6-8 League games.

Regional Competition

In addition to the site teams, players can be identified into a pool for regional competition. These events are an additional cost.

  • 7-8 play weekends (2 games per weekend).
  • 2-3 showcases or tournaments.


  • U15-U19 players at the Classic level compete in the PA West league and/or GLA in the spring season, plus 2 tournaments/showcases throughout the year.

  • Players in the trapped (U15) year between middle and high school will have a modified fall season pending number of players available.

  • Players have the opportunity to compete both at the site level (Blue or Yellow teams), as well as regionally.

Fall (September-October)

  • 1x per week training.

Winter 1 (November-December)

  • 2x per week training.
  • 1 event + friendlies.

Winter 2 (January-February)

  • 1-2x per week training.

Spring (March-June)

  • 2x per week training.
  • 6-8 league games.

Regional Opportunities

In addition to the site team training, players can participate in regional training on a 3rd night.

Players can also be identified into the Performance Phase teams competing in the GLC Club v Club (Boys), and the Elite 64 National League & GLC (Girls).

Classic Plus ($150, open to all Classic players)

  • Optional for Classic team players to sign up for additional training.
  • Minimum of 10 sessions throughout the year.


The Performance Phase teams (Academy, Premier) will compete in the highest league and events applicable.

  • Academy
    • E64 Boys & Girls
    • State Cup
  • Premier
    • GLC Boys, MDL Girls
    • State Cup or Presidents Cup

Players compete in pools with designated ID periods.

Will compete in 2-3 tournament/showcase events.

Fall (September-October)

  • 1x per week training on Sundays

Winter 1 (November-December)

  • 3x per week outdoor training.
  • 1x per week in Performance Center, will coincide with team training.
  • 1 event + friendlies.

Winter 2 (January-February)

  • 2-3x per week training, indoor/outdoor combo.
  • 1-2x per week in Performance Center.
  • 1 showcase + friendlies.

Spring (March-June)

  • 3x per week training.
  • Weekend games/events.
  • Season concludes in mid-June pending advancement to regional or national events.

Contact the Site Director for more information on these programs.

Details of each program are subject to slight changes.

Developmental Programs

Beyond formal team training, we offer external programs open to all players, whether they belong to our club or not. These are perfect for players who seek additional training or who want a taste of what our club can offer.

Program offerings are updated seasonally at all sites.

CNX Resources Sports Complex

Field 8 is the designated Steel City FC East training field.

Hempfield Athletic Complex

3 Futsal courts used primarily for winter training.

Manor - American Legion

Manor legion is an indoor futsal court used for winter training.